What Our Partners Expect From You as a Chauffeur

Your number one priority as not only a chauffeur but a driver of any kind is the safety of your passengers and the other motorists on the roads. Every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are in the control of people's lives. Conducting yourself safely and sensibly will ensure everyone will stay safe.
All chauffeurs should be dressed in a well fitted dark suit and tie with a white shirt. Your suit and shirt should be clean and freshly pressed/ironed.
Your head hair and facial hair must be well kept. Black shoes and belt should always be worn. Carry any keys or phone in the inside blazer pocket to allow the suit to look at its best.
Your vehicle should always be kept looking its best for every job. The interior should be cleaned between every job. The maintenance of your vehicle must always be up to date. Tyres must be inside the legal limit. No strong smells from cleaning products or air fresheners should be used.
We expect you to have a high standard of personal hygiene. You will be in a small space and clients will notice. Do not wear any strong smelling cologne.
Driving Style
The driving style of a chauffeur is essential. It would be best if you always drove smoothly and steadily. Imagine having a glass of water on the dashboard when going around corners. Speeding is wholly forbidden, just because it feels ok to you; it will not feel the same for your passenger as not everyone feels comfortable being driven by someone else. Always leave a gap between your vehicle and the one in front of you. An easy way to know what the correct distance? If you can see the vehicles number plate in front of you.
Motorway driving should be smooth and at a steady speed. Always return to the left-hand lane when possible and stay on cruise control as much as possible to ensure a smooth ride. Do not jerk the steering wheel for any sudden lane changes.
Always be aware you are representing another partner. Your parking must always be parallel to the curb and inside parking lines.
Airport Parking
When returning to the vehicle with your passengers, if the car park is busy and you are unable to park close to the arrivals, ask your passengers to wait while you go and collect the vehicle to bring it to them. This way, you don't have to walk through the car park with your passengers.
As a chauffeur, you are expected to deliver the highest level of service for every client. You are representing another company, and you should:
  • Carry luggage to and from vehicle
  • Open doors
  • Greet passengers in a polite and friendly manner and introduce yourself.
  • Ask if the temperature of the vehicle is suitable for your passengers.
  • Shelter your passenger from the rain with an umbrella when necessary.
  • Ask if the client would like to listen to music and what is comfortable volume.
  • Let your passenger know the ETA at the start and if there are any changes along the way.
  • Let your passenger know if you have WI-FI and if so, the password.
  • Do not start a conversation unless the passenger starts it.
  • We expect every chauffeur to have an iPad or name board for the cruise ship, train station and airport collections. This should have either the passenger name/s, not your company name but if possible the logo of the operator you're representing.
  • Carry onboard wet wipes, tissues, phone chargers, bottled water (ideally glass bottles ♻️), mints and newspapers (when instructed).
  • Meet passengers in the locations on the booking confirmation unless the operator or passenger informs you differently.
  • Make your passengers feel safe while travelling with you. Always keep both hands on the wheel while driving, keep your eyes on the road at all times, do not make any sudden movements, stay in lane 1 when possible and keep your driving smooth and steady.
Flight Tracking
It is your responsibility to track your passenger's flight progress. If the flight is coming in early or late, which means you are unable to complete this journey, you MUST inform the operator straight away.
Job Cancellations And Amendments
See BothWayz's T&C's
A photo of the parking tickets must be sent to the operator with the job reference number.
Booking Confirmations
It is your responsibility to check through the booking confirmation to check you have everything you need. All bookings MUST be confirmed by email ONLY.
Timekeeping is one of the most critical parts of a chauffeur's job. We expect you to be at you pick up location 10 minutes early. This will be to let the operator know you are at the pickup location and also to load any luggage to be ready to leave at the departure time.
If for any reason you are running late, please let the operator know straight away. This way, the operator can contact the passenger to inform them of any delays.
Let the operator know when POB (Passenger(s) onboard) and PDO (Passenger(s) dropped off).