How can Bothwayz help you?

As an operator, your job is to supply your drivers/chauffeurs with clients and your clients with the best possible service. Unless you’re a non-profit, a key part of running a company is ensuring your business makes as much profit as possible while sticking to your company's core beliefs. One of the biggest inefficiencies and costs in our industry is the dead-leg or empty leg. Essentially, this is where your car has no POB, particularly painful for airport transfers and long-distance journeys. BothWayz will solve this problem. Using our bespoke, proprietary software and ever-growing network of like-minded individuals and large transport businesses, we will become the UK's largest active network of operators and drivers seeking to fill empty legs, share bookings and collaborate to achieve a more efficient, profitable business.

Our payment distribution for filling empty journeys works like this:

35% - Operator passing the job
55% - Operator/Driver completing the job
10% - Bothwayz

Our payment distribution for passing jobs works like this:

0-25% - Operator passing the job selects desired commission 70-95% - Operator/Driver completing the job 5% - Bothwayz

As of May 2020, we currently use Stripe as a payment facilitator. As part of our service, BothWayz absorbs the transaction fee and does not pass it to our users.

There are variations depending on many factors, but our market research indicates operators make between 30-40% from each job if the driver/chauffeur is employed by the company and vehicle is owned by the company. By filling your empty journeys, you can potentially maximise the profit of one outbound to inbound journey by figures upwards of 140%!

As a chauffeur or driver, you too are able to register and use BothWayz by creating a drivers account. The driver’s profile has limitations which are in keeping with the legal requirements of the industry such as drivers are not permitted to pass client bookings. However, drivers are able to take full advantage of posting empty journeys and accepting jobs put out for cover by other operators. Your profile MUST be partnered with the operators you use during your normal day to day working activities. As a Chauffeur/driver you are able to be partnered with more than one operator.

You can see all your completed bookings in your account, along with earnings for each. The operator you chose to dedicate the job to will see the booking in their account too. All payments following a completed job will go through the operator’s account, distributed by Stripe. It is your responsibility to organise payments through said operator. BothWayz holds no responsibilities for these transactions.

One of the great benefits of using BothWayz to list your empty legs and accept bookings as a chauffeur/driver is you’re taking control of your income and movements without relying on the operator/office staff. Once you have been given a job from your operator, you are able to add the empty part to the Bothwayz platform. We believe giving the driver/chauffeur this responsibility because they know more about how long the journey will take and how much rest they need between jobs. It is up to the operator to give you this authority and they may choose to do this themselves.

Do you know the difference between being a taxi driver, executive driver and a chauffeur?

Before choosing what service you offer on BothWayz, please read the descriptions.

Why is this important?

If you are covering a job for an operator, you are representing that company. You must always give that client 100%. No company is in competition with each other, we must all work together to support our industry.

We have designed this part to help you fulfil as many jobs as possible and to stay aware of what is available on BothWayz relevant to you and your business operations.

If you add a location as an operating city, e.g. Swindon, you will receive an email to let you know our partners have posted a job in your operating area.

Do I have to post jobs for others to cover?

No, you are free to use BothWayz however you wish.

You can post the odd booking for cover if you get stuck or don’t have the correct vehicle for a client. You could post all your bookings for cover on BothWayz and simply sit back at home making a nice income on your commission. Ultimately, it comes down to what suits you and your business.

Do I have to post every empty journey?

No, you are free to use BothWayz however you wish.

You can post the odd empty leg, all your empty legs (best for maximising business profits) and everything in between. Ultimately, it comes down to what suits you and your business.

What is the shortest journey I can post?

The shortest journey you can post on BothWayz is 15 miles. The shortest deviation you can set is 10 miles. We will constantly be monitoring these settings to ensure they’re optimised for our partners.

What’s the longest journey I can post?

Sennen Cove to John o’ Groats and everything in between. There are no limits on journey distance.

How will Bothwayz help me?

  • By exposing you to a network of like-minded individuals across the country, with a bespoke online system to back it up, BothWayz is your dedicated partner to help increase the utilisation of your “empty legs”.
  • BothWayz will assist you in passing jobs for cover by automating the process saving you time and money sending emails and managing invoices. You will benefit from:
  • Increased profits in exchange for little to no more driving
  • Weekly payments helping to improve your cash flow
  • Becoming part of a country-wide network of Operators
  • Helping your drivers make more profit
  • Peace of mind you’re working with a trustworthy partner
  • An automated system to share bookings and streamline your administration.

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What is the difference between an Operator & Driver account?

The main difference between an Operator and Driver account is that the Driver is NOT permitted to list bookings for cover because that would indicate he has taken a booking from the public which is, of course, illegal without an Operators license. The differences in the profiles resemble this, for example, the driver’s account does not require an Operators license.

The drivers can take advantage of listing empty legs caused by jobs passed to them by their operator and can accept bookings for cover. Any bookings filled will go through their operator who must be registered with BothWayz and has previously accepted the link between them confirming driver “X” works under his/her license.

Why do I have to add my personal details?

In the context of your use of the platform, BothWayz will collect and process some of your personal data to ensure we can operate the system efficiently. We will never share your data with third parties outside the operation of our website. For more information on how we use your data see our privacy policy.

Why do I have to give an out of hours number?

We need this in the unlikely event there is a problem with the booking, i.e. the driver has broken down, the client missed the flight etc. In these instances, we like to call our partners to solve the problem straight away.

What if I don't have a website?

No problem. You can enter N/A in this field. The important thing is you have a business email.

What if I don’t have a company name?

To be in business you must be either registered as a limited company or sole trader. Enter the same name that you have registered with companies house.

What if I don’t have a company email?

A fully functioning email address is an essential prerequisite of using BothWayz. Your email address doesn’t have to be hosted through a web domain, it can simply be via Gmail, Outlook etc.

Why do I have to upload my operator’s licence & expiry date?

BothWayz is committed to operating legally and ethically, ensuring that all our users have the correct certification is an essential part of our operations. By uploading your operator’s license we can authorise your profile to share bookings and collaborate with our operators and drivers through our network.

Why do I have to add vehicles?

It’s important for our system to know which vehicles are associated with your empty leg listings so that fellow operators can decide if this meets the service they have offered to their client. If suitable, the operator can proceed to book your empty leg.

Why can I add vehicles that I don't own?

Many of our partners use subcontractors and owner drivers to bolster the services offered by their business. Bob, for example, might use two or three different drivers to satisfy clients wishing to book a Mercedes S Class, but not own one himself. In this case, Bob only needs to add the Mercedes S Class to his BothWayz profile once and selects “no” in the field “this is my vehicle”. Bob must make sure his regular routes and price per mile is consistent irrespective of the driver he uses. If Bob’s price varies depending on vehicle and driver, he will need to add the vehicle multiple times.

Why do I have to add the vehicle price per mile?

As a user, you should add as many of your regular routes as possible to help keep the pricing clean and accurate. For irregular journeys that you receive from time to time, we revert to the price per mile of the vehicle which is set in your profile as you enter the vehicle details. For journeys outside of your regular routes, we use the price per mile to generate the booking cost and therefore the amount you (the operator) will pay into BothWayz and how much the driver will receive.

Why do I have to add my vehicle details?

It is important to add the vehicle details because the operators that will pass you jobs and fill your empty leg need to know what type of service their client will receive. For example, has this client booked an executive car that means the operator is happy with a Skoda Octavia and upwards or is this a high-end client that has paid for a Mercedes S Class?

Why do I have to add PH Vehicle License & expiry date?

It is vital we all have the peace of mind that we’re working with partners that have the correct, up to date paperwork in place that our local authorities require. The PH vehicle license is one of these requirements.

Why do I have to add whether my vehicle has Door Stickers, Dash Cam or is Restricted?

There are some local authorities (admittedly stricter than others) that request this information. Until we can upgrade our software, we require everyone to fill out these fields.

Why do I have to add a driver/chauffeur?

Once registered with BothWayz, you have to add a minimum of one driver. This is so that when you’re listing empty legs and covering bookings you can select which driver will be doing the job. We will automatically store this data and send it to the operator so they have the drivers name and phone number.

What is the difference between a “Registered Driver” and a “Managed Driver”

A Registered Driver is someone who is already signed up to BothWayz. Typically, this type of driver does work for you and others, also known as owner-drivers.

A managed driver is someone who is more likely to be fully under your control, for example, an employee or a driver you know is not signed up and or only works for you.

Why do I need to add driver/chauffeur details?

Just like when you ask to see a drivers license and paperwork before they start driving for you, we need to do the same. BothWayz is doing all it can to make sure we only operate with professional drivers that follow the industry standards.

How do I get paid?

BothWayz is partnered with Stripe to distribute payments. To set up Stripe you will need to do the following:

1. Go to My Account > Billing & Payments. Once there click “Connect Stripe to receive payments”.

2. From here you’re directed to Stripe’s website where you are prompted to provide contact, business and payout information.

3. You will now be redirected back to BothWayz where our platform completes the Express connection set-up.

4. BothWayz is integrated with a Stripe Express dashboard; here you can modify account information, view recent and upcoming payouts, and perform other relevant tasks.

How long does it take to get paid?

The payment week starts @ 04:00 Monday am and finishes @ 03:59 the following Monday am. The payments will be made every Friday for the previous Monday to Monday completed bookings.

Why do I have to sign up with Stripe?

BothWayz’s intention is to offer our partners the safest possible online experience; with this in mind, we decided we should refer to the experts when it comes to handling bank details and payments. Stripe is one of, if not the, best API providers on the market. Stripe is a “White Label Payment Gateway”. In other words, their services are allowed to be fully branded and In-House from start to finish, bringing all payments through their highly secured processes to prevent fraud at any level. Taking this approach means BothWayz does not handle any banking details, they’re fully encrypted behind Stripe’s intelligence.

Why are the percentages split 35% operator, 55% driver, 10% BothWayz for empties?

Traditionally, in the transport industry, operators take between 10-20% commission for passing a booking for cover; however, this assumes the driver is taking the booking as a one-way job. At BothWayz, we want to encourage operators to share more bookings - with partners they trust - by taking a bigger commission so that we can start filling more empty legs. Therefore, the structure of our percentages is based on encouraging bookings to be shared and assumes the drivers accepting the jobs are filling an empty leg. We will review this structure regularly and are open to feedback.

How does VAT work between operators?

The first thing to check with VAT is that you have set it up correctly in your profile. To check this click on the Profile icon and select Business Information. Select Yes or No as appropriate for “VAT Registered”, if yes, ensure to add your VAT number.

These are the only two actions you need to take, we take care of the rest.

Since we have to manage VAT and non VAT registered businesses, we will present different prices for the Operators to pay into the system and different earnings for the drivers both depending on if they’re VAT registered or not. We have spent a lot of time working with an accountant to ensure your accountant and the HMRC will be satisfied with our transactions. Our software runs live checks depending on who accepts and books journeys together. We have four variations being monitored to make sure that the right amounts are moving between the Operator, the Driver and BothWayz:

1. The operator is VAT registered, and the driver is not.

2. The operator and the driver are VAT registered.

3. The operator is not VAT registered, the driver is VAT registered.

4. The operator and the driver are NOT VAT registered.

What are Regular Routes?

Regular routes are typically airport transfers or long distance bookings that make up a high percentage of your client bookings. Regular routes are important to help maintain pricing consistency across the platform, and this is done by allowing users to pre-set their routes and associated prices and vehicles.

Once set, how do I use Regular Routes?

Make sure you have set up 3 or 4 regular routes with accurate pricing. Now, when you come to list a Booking For Cover, you will see a drop-down option called “Pre-load a Route”. Simply click this and it will load the route, the vehicle and your price.