About Us


Efficient business operations, made possible by great people working together.

BothWayz is an online community and platform to help Chauffeur’s, Private Hire Drivers & Taxi Drivers generate bookings which will directly tackle the problem of filling empty legs and unused mileage. BothWayz provides the facility for Operators/Drivers to collaborate, streamline their bookings and maximise profits.

When someone uses BothWayz, what can they expect?

For the Operator

Do you need cover and want peace of mind you’re working with a trusted partner who has verified every single driver working on their platform? Would you rather keep your drivers local and transfer your out of town bookings to one of our partners? Or, perhaps you just don’t fancy driving today? Both are perfectly fine! With BothWayz you can transfer bookings to other drivers fill their empty legs and keep 35% of your original booking fee in the process.

For the driver

By understanding the complexities, and the importance of utilising both routes of a long haul journey, we offer a unique service that hugely increases the chances of filling the car on both the outbound and inbound legs.

What are we trying to change by launching BothWayz?

BothWayz will change the way we work together within the Private Hire & Chauffeur industry. Moreover, we will give Operators more of an incentive to transfer existing bookings and in the process – FILL MORE EMPTY LEGS.

We will seek to help Chauffeurs, Private Hire Drivers. Taxi’s and Hackney Carriages compete with the ever-changing technology that the industry is now accustomed to, driven by powerhouses like Uber. BothWayz will help the small to medium-sized independent improve efficiencies and operate more economically.

Fed up with the offerings in the market not working, and those that do forcing drivers and operators to make low bids which push down the cost and integrity of our service, we have built BothWayz.

At BothWayz, we are environmentally conscious, and we know that by helping our drivers become more efficient, we’re reducing the number of cars on the road and CO2 emissions.

Thank you for stopping by.

A note from our founder – Mike Dear

Thank you for taking the time out to browse our website. The support we are receiving means a lot to us but more importantly enables our Chauffeur’s and Drivers to earn a good and honest living and do what they love, driving and meeting interesting, new people every day.

I am afraid there isn’t a great story of how we overcame enormous adversity to launch BothWayz. It came about simply from asking questions and a desire to help.

At the time I was a Project Manager - travelling around the world regularly, this involved trips from Bournemouth or Southampton to the main travel hubs such as London Heathrow, Gatwick, and alike.

The question that ignited the BothWayz flame; Do you have a return journey?

The answer sparked a long and emotional response from the Chauffeur, immediately highlighting a problem. I asked the same question again and again. It became apparent that not only were the drivers returning empty after a drop, but they would also drive to the airport empty for a pickup. Surely, with a little bit of commitment, and teamwork this so-called “empty leg” could be made a thing of the past?

I set about building something that might help. After failing first time around, then being fortunate enough to meet and partner with Ashley, who has a wealth of experience in the industry, the result is this website.

We will soon be building an app with an integrated CRM and booking system for our Drivers & Operators.

I hope you like the product & service.

Mike Dear

Founder & MD

Ashley James

Business Development & Marketing Director